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Hang Tag and String Seal of Garment Accessories

Hang Tag and String Seal of Garment Accessories

  • 2020/05/07
String Seals (String ropes) are mainly used to hang apparel tags,which are the connecting link between apparel and apparel tags (apparel trademarks, apparel brand logos,washing logos, price tags, etc.).String Seal (String rope) is an indispensable part of clothing accessories and clothing trademarks.A good set of hang tags and string seal can better reflect the design taste of clothing accessories and highlight the effect of clothing brand. It is mainly composed of rope and plug,Plastic body,logo,hot color components.Application range of string seal:

Seal tags are mostly used on clothing,and some brands of watches,bags,shoes,hats,accessories,umbrellas and other products that need to hang tags are also used.

Garment Embossed Logo in Various Shape

Seal tags process composition:

Seal tags were made of some simple cotton ropes,hemp ropes,nylon ropes,braided ropes,etc. knotted into a loop,which could not reach the brand's prominent and special edition effect,and were stamped with an aluminum shell and printed paper,But the shape is relatively simple,the iron hook is easy to hook the clothes, most of them are made by injection molding process,and the material is mostly two-in-one string seal.PS, ABS, etc.,the rope is nylon rope,polyester rope,cotton and hemp rope.

Classification of seal tags:

The main categories of string seal are divided into: one-time forming string seal,two-in-one string seal,three-in-onestring seal,four-in-one string seal,core-pulling string seal,aluminum shell string seal,webbing string seal,webbing bandstring seal, rope buckles , Rope, etc .; the one-time forming,two-in-one,three-in-one,four-in-one string seal can also be divided into:double-fork string seal,single-fork string seal,non-fork string seal.

According to the shape,it can be roughly divided into regular shapes such as rectangle,square,circle,cylinder,ellipse,etc.It can also be customized into various shapes as needed,but the cost of custom-made shapes such as three-in-one,four-in-one,aluminum shell,etc is high.

According to the color of plastic,it can be divided into:single-color string seal,two-color string seal, three-color string seal.

According to the logo color, it can be divided into:hot stamping (referring to various types of anodized aluminum hot transfer) string seal,hot color string seal,printing string seal,and drop plastic string seal, during which the printing and drop plastic colors are rich and can be adjusted at will,but the cost is slightly higher and the production cycle is slightly longer.Currently,the bronzing process is generally used.

seal cord with brand name for garment

Hanging string seals are classified by personality

The string seal classification can be roughly classified according to the personality of the clothing as follows:
1. Spring and summer string seal-the colors are fresh and obvious,the shape is concise,and the string seal or buckles with smaller shapes such as two-in-one and three-in-one are mostly used.
2. String seal in autumn and winter-the appearance standard is slightly larger,the process is more complicated,and the colors use more stable colors,such as black coffee,date red,dark green,navy blue,etc.
3. Hanging granules for casual wear-Most of them use hanging granules, rope buckles, webbing buckles, webbing suspending granules, etc. with complex technology and simple appearance.
4. Suit string seal-Most of them adopt rectangular,square and oval three-in-one hanging grains.Some high-end garments also use glue protection technology to prevent the logo from fading.
5. Pants for hanging trousers-Most of them use small and regular hanging rope and rope buckles,and the colors are more concise,such as black and blue.
6. Shirtstring seal-similar to spring and summer clothing.
7. Jacketstring seal-similar to autumn and winter clothing and casual wear.
8. Women'sstring seal-small in appearance, but with certain appearance processbright colors,such as red,yellow,light green,etc.
9. Children's clothingstring seal-complex and changeable shapes,obviously lively colors,such as sky blue,pink,grass green and so on.
10. Underwearstring seal-generally use thin thread buckles,rope bars,gun needles, etc.,the materials and processes are mostly environmentally friendly processes.

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